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Order Submission Portal

Ready to place an order?  Welcome back!  Standard FAQs for order submissions can be found below.  When you are ready to submit an order, please fill out the custom form below.  We appreciate your continued support!  Please reach out to us at if you have any questions or concerns.

To submit an order, please fill out the 2022 Underwriting Form that can be found below, upload a mockup of what you are looking to have printed, and email us vector art or a download link to  Please allow us 24-48 hours to get the order on the books and we will send out a request for approval before we get started.

Looking for a custom PO or work order form to submit?  Click below!

Download the blank underwriting form in PDF format here.

Download the blank underwriting form here in an excel format here.

Please note, if you make frequent orders, we can build you a cloud folder through Google Drive that will allow you to quickly duplicate, edit and submit orders directly through Google Drive.  Email us at for details.


We've streamlined the order process to make submitting a custom order simpler than ever.  Please reference the bullets below before submitting your order below.  If we are missing any of these requirements, your order could be delayed in processing.  It is always best to submit our Underwriting Form (can be downloaded above) for timely processing.


Please allow 24-48 hours for processing to get your order onto the production schedule.  If you have a firm deadline, please add "Rush Production Request : (with your in hand's date)" as the subject line when submitting your order so we can prioritize.

The following are requirements for all contract clients / brokers / brands who are planning on submitting their own blanks.  Please read carefully to ensure timely processing .

Artwork Size :  Including imprint size, location, and ink colors requested.  If you do not know, you can put "standard" and we will reach out to you to figure out what you are looking for.  If you need your artwork printed in multiple imprint sizes (youth and adult, please annotate).  



Art File Types : We work in vector format for a majority of decoration types.  If you cannot provide a file in a vectorized format, one of our talented artists can digitize or bring your artwork to life.  

Vector file types : Outlined .ai, .eps, .pdf files encouraged.  
Raster file types accepted : .png, .pdf, .jpeg, .tiff file types accepted, but will likely need to be digitized to preserve line quality during decoration.


Garment Counts & Quantities : Please include a list of garments ordered for each design printed.  If you are supplying your own blanks and they are ordered from an industry specific supplier.  Please remove all blanks from any type of plastic bags and box or stack with like sizes.  Failure to remove branded packaging will result in an order 

In-Hand Dates : Let us know what day you would like to receive this project.  Including a buffer day or two allows us some wiggle room should we run into issues on press, or run into any unexpected spoilage.  Most turnaround times are 7-10 business days from order approval.  If you need your order sooner than that, please put 'Rush Inquiry' and the in hands date in the subject line for the email and we will do our best to prioritize this order.  Please note, this does not mean we can squeeze in a last minute order, this just means we will assess our current schedule and will let you know if we can or cannot meet that deadline.

Customer Supplied Blanks : If you are supplying your own blanks and need exact counts, we strongly recommend ordering an extra blank in each size.  Screenprinting is an imperfect art.  Supply chain manufacturing has taken a turn for the worse in the last couple of years, so we've been finding more holes in shirts, smudges, etc... that are not caught by suppliers.  Since our goal is to only have to setup a job once and run it all the way through - we recommend sending extras in case we run into any spoilage on press.  We have a 1.5% damage allowance on all customer supplied jobs.  We currently run at below a .5% spoilage percentage, but the last thing we want to find after we print two locations on a job is a small hole in a shirt that requires us to save screens and bottleneck the presses at a later date.  If you need exact counts, please send extra blanks and we will print the overstock and not bill you for them.  

Additional Questions : Please direct any additional questions to your Account Manager or email us at for more info!

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